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Vintage dress refashion + new glasses!

I bought this dress at this super cute vintage shop, Frock You, by my eye doctor. I think that it’s late 70s to early 80s. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a before picture in it but at least I took a photo of it laying on the carpet in my sewing room. I really like the print and the sleeves but the high neck and long length made it a bit too dowdy for the print. I cut about 6 or so inches off the bottom and cut the neck a few inches (in the front and the sides). I also added cotton lace to the neckline and a cotton lace belt to the waist. It is an unusual dress, but I am quite happy with how it turned out.

hard to tell, but that center piece was a bit cut from the bottom and hemmed into the sides to make it wider in the bust, I’m assuming that this was by the original owner. It was a fun find, but I was cursing it a bit as I had to take it in to make it fit.


new glasses! I super love them.


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