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Glitter mat and spray paint headboard

I finally finished decorating our home on the last day of Winter Break with the exception of our room. I have nightmares fairly often, which is why I think that I’ve never liked our bedroom. I’m determined to change that so I’ve slowly been making plans for it.

The first coat of paint.

Last year, David and I made a headboard using a tutorial such as this. I wanted to make one because they run several hundred dollars. I can’t remember the total cost of the original headboard, but it was around $100-150 for all of the supplies below. It was more expensive then I was expecting (even with coupons and sales and JoAnns), but it was still much more affordable then a store bought one.  We walked the three blocks to Osh and carried the plywood back to our house. We also bought our first drill that day (a purchase I was very excited about- I love powertools!) and I went to Joanns and bought batting and white uphoulstry fabric. It was not my first choice, but nothing else would go with our bedspread. It turned out fairly well, except I made 16 fabric covered buttons to make it tufted and we couldn’t figure out how to put them on properly. After moving to SD and having everything in storage for a bit, our white head board was pretty dirty. I could have made a fabric slip cover, but instead, I bought 3 cans off light grey spray paint and sprayed the fabric. I got the idea from a friend who made me a really cool pillow that was partially spray painted and not crunchy or rough. So, after many coats it is finally done and I am very happy with it. I still want to put it on risers so that it is higher up behind our bed, but it works for now.
I needed 3 cans of spray paint for it, so the total was about $12.

I also finally found a frame for a poster that I bought last month for words that David and I have been trying to live by. I bought the frame a bit big and instead of buying a mat, I bought a bottle of Martha Stewart chunky glitter and glittered the piece of paper that comes with the frame and then taped the poster to the top. The glitter was on sale for $3.75 (and I already had the glue), much less then the cost of a mat.

Finished glitter mat for the Holstee Manifesto.

The weekend before, I had spray painted our side tables because they were cheap white from Ikea and didn’t look to great anymore.  First I scuffed them with an electric sander, cleaned and dried them, applied primer and then sprayed them all a plum-like color. I bought cool drawer pulls at Michaels today in the $1.50 bins (the attrocity- the price of the dollar bin went up!) and after using the drill to widen the hole, I attached them to each. I had the sandpaper already and the primer and plum spray paint were under $4 a piece, so with the drawer pulls, the makeover for the two side tables equaled about $11!

Yuck! Dirty and Scuffed!
Light sanding so that the primer (and therefore color),
will stick better
All primed!

The pretty drawer pull from Michaels.

The results of these 3 small projects made a huge difference, probably bigger than anything else I add in to the other walls. I am quite pleased with the partial make over! Just two more walls to decorate and one to finish up!

So much prettier!
I do love our bedspread. A great Target find a few years ago.

I did a second dress refashion yesterday from a late 70s-80s dress that I found in this darling vintage shop! David got pictures last night so post up tomorrow!


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