what I love

What I love this week…

A sneak peak at my tulle dress refashion coming up!

So, sadly I’ve proved to myself that work and blogging are very difficult. I’ve given up on the everyday and am now shooting for 3-4 days a week. That feels much more doable.
Here’s some fun links that I’ve found over the last few days (or months!). I do have a lot of creative posts coming up- DIY from our wedding, our new home and a dress that I refashioned last night that I am in love with!

Last year I had a brief obsessions with the Freedom Riders and read a lot about them.
A video I can listen to over and over.
Stunning bowls. I would love them in our brightly colored Mexican kitchen, but I also would love them for Easter. They look like dipped eggs!
My new favorite show. It’s on ABC family (and xfinity!) so I’m not making any promises on content, but the clothes are excellent.
When I sew, it’s usually late at night and I need more light in my sewing room. This would be perfect.
Tell it like it is.
A great spray paint project.

Have a great weekend! We got sushi last night with friends, have reserved today for chores, get to see Nana tomorrow and will take Jack to Sea World on Monday. Enjoy yours as well!


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