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Sunny Snow

Over the weekend I got to have two great outings with some lovely ladies. First I went to Smashburger (the only burger place I like!) with my middle/high school girlfriends and then for a chat in the hot tub. Then, I woke up early Saturday morning to head to Orange County to meet my cousins to drive out to Big Bear for the night. My cousin moved to a home in the Silverado Canyon (East of Irvine) last summer and it was my first time visiting the ranch- complete with horses, ponies, goats, chickens, roosters, other animals and Zeb the Zebra. Yup, she lives with a zebra! Super awesome! It’s skitish, but Super Awesome! Then we headed to Big Bear for a weekend full of wine, icy walks, snow sledding, funny games, cooking, donut making and wedding magazines, wedding talk and wedding pictures. It was a most excellent weekend! Here’s a few more pics:

Baby Cakes donut maker. We tried the sour cream donuts with maple glaze. I do not suggest it, unless you like really cakey donuts. They were too heavy and dry for me.

the whole group after sledding

Flat Stanley sledding for a friend’s student.

Zeb the Zebra

Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake

My new scarf!


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