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My new fav

I enjoy an alcoholic beverage from time to time (especially sharing a new beer with David or a delicious tequila with my BFF). I found a link to a drink before my wedding and wanted to make it for the night before, but didn’t pull it together with all of the last minute DIY projects (you know, the ones that were literally finished as I got dressed since my sash was finished that morning and sewn onto my dress while I was wearing it).
Anyway, I finally made it a few days ago and it is my new favorite drink. I love tequila but not sugary drinks, including margaritas. And I can even almost claim it’s healthy because it only takes grapefruit juice (not the fake stuff with sugar), sparkling water and lime! Oh yeah, and tequila. I also love the name. It means “dove” in Spanish.


1 part tequila (it actually calls 1.5, but 1 seems perfect to me)
2 parts grapefruit juice
2 parts sparkling water

Sparkling water, Tequila, Grapefruit juice

A Paloma!

And just because cake is an amazing creation, here’s another shot of David’s birthday cake. A view from the bottom. L-R: Whipped cream, ganache, ice cream (which should not be a layer, but some of the cake crumbled off so I patched up the hole with ice cream- shh, don’t tell anyone), and the TJs chocolate cake with cinnamon and cayenne added.

Have an excellent weekend. I am headed to Big Bear for a mini girls’ weekend tomorrow! Next week I should have a post about one of my other top favorite craft items- spray paint!


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