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a DIY (with the glitter- the best kind!)

A few weeks ago I saw this tutorial for a Christmas wall decoration. Christmas was almost over and glitter quotes seems like they should be up all year around! We had 1 bare wall left in our living room. It housed our delightful collection of 2011 Christmas cards, but Christmas ended and we were left with a blank wall. And if there is anything that I h-a-t-e it is blank walls. I love decorating and I love making a space somewhere that I want to live. It was a busy Fall and though we moved in in October, it wasn’t until December 31st that I felt like I had time to make our tiny house somewhere worth living. So, I took that tutorial I loved and make something fancy! First, I thought about the music that we used in our wedding. David spent a lot of time choosing the perfect music for our big day, so I went through some of the songs. I ultimately decided upon “Take my hand, Take my whole life too” from Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling in Love. It was our first dance (and the song that we first exchanged “I love yous” while dancing with each other in a dark bar, nearly 5 years ago). Then, I downloaded this sweet, free font, called Angel Tears, sized it to about 300-400 and printed it on card stock. The tut says to print it backwards, but if you give it a thick coat of glitter, you can’t see through to the quickly fading ink 🙂 Then, I asked my darling husband to cut out the words for me because, I also h-a-t-e cutting and he finds cutting up paper oddly therapeutic. Then, I took my all time favorite glitter, Martha Stewart’s White Gold, which is much more silver than gold, but a soft silver. BTW, I own probably close to 30 different bottles of glitter, so I take my favorite glitter color seriously and have used it in quite a few projects (side note, I often joke with David and ask him if he’s been to the strip club because I love glitter projects and since glitter gets everywhere, David often ends up with specks on his face). Anyway, I covered the letters with a thick coat of glue (using my finger, because having to find a brush, clean it afterwards and put it away is way too much work) and then liberally covered each letter with glue and left it on my oil cloth covered table to dry. Oil cloth is a great table covering for crafting because it comes in inspiring prints and wipes off easily!
Once they all dried, I started affixing them to the walls. They would have been easier to put up flat if I had used thicker paper, but I was afraid that it wouldn’t go through the printer. I pulled out a frame that I was really mad about because the large piece of glass recently cracked and probably would have been expensive to replace- way to make lemonade out lemons! It was missing something and I recently decided that my handmade wedding sash needed to be displayed since so much work went into it and it turned out so beautifully. So, it got pinned to the wall and ta-da! Wall art for free (I had everything at home already)! I really love it!
pre glittered (notice the drastically different ink colors from our printer running out of ink- it was easily covered up by the glitter). Also, if your computer doesn’t have a font that you like, there are tons of free fonts online. A script is best because the words are one. This one separated the capital letters from the lower case so David attached them with a thin strip of paper and I tried not to glitter the connecting strip.

Martha glitter and one of the finished words.

The finished product! My spacing wasn’t perfect but it works for now. Maybe someday I’ll decide to fix it, but I really like it!


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