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Birthday Cake!

I LOVE to make cakes. The more elaborate, the better. David requested an ice cream cake for his 28th. I had a most excellent idea to end 2011 with more junk food than ever imaginable. David and I trolled the aisles on Vons and left with this:


Yikes! So, the Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food was David’s and inspired his cake. I knew that I wasn’t up for making the cake from scratch (ice cream cakes are enough work as it is!) and I thankfully had a box of Trader Joe’s chocolate cake mix in the cupboard. This stuff is the best! I wanted to make it a bit different, so I added in 1/8 tsp of cayenne and 2tbl cinnamon to make it Mexican chocolate cake. It could have had a bit more cayenne, but I loved the flavor it gave the cake. The 1 1/2 cartons of Phish food that I used were not enough, so I also used the B&Js that picked up the night before- Late Night Snack, which is vanilla ice cream with caramel and chocolate covered potato chips. I let the ice cream defrost while I was preparing the cake so it would be spreadable. I should have also frozen the cake first, but that extra step just seemed like too much work. In retrospect, it is easier (*read=less messy) too freeze the cake). Anyway, it worked out.  I also made a chocolate ganache for the frosting. Ganache is my most favorite frosting, and the easiest. You boil heavy cream and place an equal amount of chopped up bittersweet chocolate in a bowl. Pour the boiling cream over the chocolate, let it sit for a few seconds and then mix it up until it is smooth (and delicious!). At this point, it can be done. If you want it as a glaze (as I did), just pour it while it is still hot onto the cake. If you want it to be more frosting like, let it cool and then beat it with an electric beater and it will be fluffy. Either way, it will amazing!

The beginnings of homemade whipped cream. 1 cup heavy cream, 1 tbl sugar, 1 tsp vanilla. It was supposed to go into my new fancy whipped cream bottle (I have always dreamed of having one of these and I got it from a friend for Christmas!), but, alas, I didn’t have a whippet.
Using my Cuisinart hand chopper/whisker- a super handy little tool.

I decorated the cake with my homemade whipped cream. I used the Martha Stewart cake decorating kit that we got for our wedding for the first time and it made it SO easy to decorate. I did explode whipped cream on my face though when I squeezed before the top was on. Oops!

TJs chocolate cake mix is THE best!
Applying the first ice cream layer to the cake. Notice the pretty cake stand- another wedding gift!
An inside shot.

The finished cake- decorated with homemade whipped cream, an ornament from Disneyland and 28 candles!

Happy Birthday to my New Year’s baby!

Ringing in his birthday at the stroke of midnight!


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