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Little packages of fun!

Martha Stewart had a tutorial on how to make Confetti Eggs yesterday on her daily craft idea email. I LOVE confetti eggs so I had to share. Anyone who has lived in Santa Barbara is familiar with these little packages of fun because the streets are lined with Latino families selling casarones in beautiful hues during Fiesta. Fiesta is a huge city wide party that lasts about 4 days. By the end, the streets of downtown are covered in beautiful little colors. We also saw them on Olvera Street in Los Angeles (across from Union Station there is a fun little area with Mexican food, music, shops and casarones!).

Here is a quick step by step, partially modeled by my nephew, Jack.

1. Poke a tiny hole on one end of the egg (with a push pin, needle, sharp knife, etc). Poke a slightly larger hole on the other end. To do this, you make the tiny hole and slowly chip away at the edges of it. Egg shells are stronger than you think.

2. Put your mouth on the side of the egg with the tiny hole and BLOW. Do this into a bowl and you can save the edible part to cook with.

3. Rinse the eggs out and leave standing on one end (use an old egg carton) so they can dry out.

4. Once dry, decorate the outside. You could dye them like Easter eggs, paint them, spray paint them, or cover them in a single coat of tissue paper. If you use the tissue paper, water the glue down to make it a bit thinner and easier to spread. The one layer and the watery glue will also help to make it not too hard to crack.

5. Then fill with glitter, store bought confetti or cut up tissue paper, construction paper or old magazines/fliers/junk mail. If you use old papers and cook with the edible egg parts, then this is almost a completely recycled craft (except for the paint)! The pieces need to be cut up pretty small. Immediately glue a small piece of tissue paper or paper towel to the hole- tissue paper is prettier.

6. Find an unsuspecting friend to crack the egg over! Just a hint on cracking. I made one to crack over a friend’s head during her bachelorette weekend. I hadn’t thrown one in awhile and I hit it on her head. It didn’t crack and she wondered why I would hit her on the head the day before her wedding. So, moral of the story is DO NOT try to actually crack this directly on some one’s head. Crack it in your own hand over their head!

Writing this all down, I’ve realized that these have been a part of my life quite a bit over the years. Of course, during each Fiesta in Santa Barbara each August, which is where I first experienced them. A friend and I made one for a party many years ago, I made one for my friend’s wedding weekend, she made a few for my Bachelorette party, I had Jack make them with a friend once and David and I bought some during our engagement picture shoot.

The casarones from my bachlorette party. one of my dares was to crack one on a stranger’s head- since we were in Vegas, it was fairly acceptable to do this.
Covered in confetti during Fiesta 2005 in SB

Another Fiesta shot from the same year. We’re not covered in confetti yet, but I’m sure we were shortly after this!

Getting confetti-ed at my Bachlorette!
Casarones on Olvera St. Photo by Vanessa Ha.

Smash! Photo by Vanessa Ha.

Photo by Vanessa Ha.

Photo by Vanessa Ha.

These are fun, fun, fun. Make them and enjoy!


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