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the Nutcracker Ballet

My beautiful cousin, Gracie, performed a few weeks ago in her 6th year of the Nutcracker Ballet with the Laguna Ballet. I think that I have been to 4 of her performances, but this year she was Clara, so of course it was the best. David and I were very lucky and also got to go to the dress rehearsal. My aunt was worried about getting good pictures of Grace’s big role so I went to take some shots. I am trying to work on my photography (with my fancy wedding gift from David- a Canon Rebel T3i) so I was super excited to go. There are six performances and one girl gets to perform the big parts for three of the performances and then has another lesser part for the other three performances. Of course, there is only one dress rehearsal. We were lucky that Grace got to wear the Clara costume, but that means that she was also sharing the stage with the second Clara, which sometimes made it tough to get good shots. I am hoping to get this soon so I can edit better (you can get rid of people/objects in photos that you don’t want!), but here are at least the rough drafts of some shots. They are mostly of Grace, but a few are from my favorite scenes. This is also only the first half of the ballet. There are a few at the end of the real performance and her fan club.

This is pre-rehearsal, but I like the curtain lifting- like you’re getting a sneak peak.

My first favorite part. When Clara and Fritz are impaitiently waiting for Christmas fun.

Another fav- when Clara is dancing with the scarves. I couldn’t get a good picture of it though, with the other girl dancing with her.

I love the Rat King solo- you have to be a good dancer to look good in a giant grey sweatsuit with a scary mask on!

And I loved watching her partner dance.

David and I, right before we left- in front of our tiny tree.

Gracie and I, post real performance.

the Higgins family supporting Gracie. She had a total of 100 supporters throughout her 3 shows!
Congratulations Grace! You were stunning. 

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