Costa Rica, death, dying, travel

How peaceful it was.

Has anyone seen the videos of the teen who died in Texas on Christmas from heart attack? I find them eerie, but not upsetting.
The news article is here. He made Part 1 and Part 2 of “This is my story” one week before he died.
He talks about the first time he “cheated death” at four years old. He said, “I can’t even describe the peace, how peaceful it was. For years (almost 4 and half), I have told myself that I would write about my Costa Rica accident. I have many half written pieces about it saved on my computer and I hope that someday I can finish it. For as traumatic as it was, I haven’t really been traumatized by it. I don’t like heavy rain, especially when I’m in third world countries, but that’s not really something I experience very often so it really doesn’t affect my life.- I love traveling too much to stop and sometimes it will rain. Life goes on.- But, despite the pouring rain, the rushing water, the screams and knowing that I was surrounded by death, I was at complete peace. I saw no white lights, but a small brown bird landed a branch and sat calmly watching us. In that moment, I knew that I was okay with whatever fate I met that day.
I wish peace to the family of Ben Breedlove. It seems like he was quite an amazing young man.


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