Merry Merry (belated- oops!) Christmas!

So, I decided that my 2012 resolution is to actually write in this blog that I have had for many years. And, I decided that I needed to start it BEFORE 2012 so that I can’t make up a “too busy with work” excuse! I’m hoping to have quite a few entries during this week of the past six months or so. Eventually, I will actually get up entries about our engagement and honeymoon trips!*The photo and caption placements are all over the place but this is taking me forever. If anyone who uses blogger has tips on how to make it easier, please let me know!

Our first Christmas!
We thought it would be romantic to sleep by the Christmas
tree but the lights were much too bright.
Our home decorated from the outside.

Our “Merry” wall full of fun cards!
Lots of Just Married ornaments
from my mom.

Caroline’s letter back to Jack from Santa. She’s the best at
writing letters from the Easter Bunny, Santa and the
Tooth Fairy.
Jack’s Christmas picture to Santa: “I
don’t need to write a letter because
he already knows what I want.”

                       Jack jumping like crazy waiting                                           Star Wars,
                                 for everyone to come to the tree
                                 for present opening time!

and Star Wars!

Star Wars,

          Jack playing the same Candyland we played at                                      And most excitingly, my cousin
          family parties at Nana and Papa’s house as kids                                     got engaged on Christmas Eve!
          with cousin Connor and his momma.                                                    Congratulations!


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