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I’m back!

Sadly, I didn’t blog about Nicaragua (although I did write about it after we got home so eventually I will transfer my personal writings to this). But after my three year hiatus, I am back to blog about our 3 1/2 week honeymoon through Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.
We left on Wednesday, July 20th and finally arrived on Friday, July 22nd. We were supposed to have two layovers but at the last minute it was changed to just one, so that was lucky. We flew from LAX to Manila, Philippines on a double decker plane by Philippines Airline in a plane full of Filipinos (who were incredibly friendly but all a bit disappointed when they found out we weren’t actually headed to the Philippines). Unluckily, we both ended up in aisle seats. It was not as torturous as I expected, but David was pretty miserable. The seats were not made for American men and were very tiny. I was disappointed that we were not flying Singapore Air (often thought of as the best in the world, but consequently more expensive). However, we were fed constantly, so that was fun. In our first 13 our flight, we were given 3 full meals. When we arrived in the Philippines, we were personally escorted through the airport and got to bypass all of the lines. Although, honestly, I wasn’t sure if I should be concerned that they decided we did something wrong and were sending us to airport security or excited because we were being treated like celebrities. In the end, it was the later AND we were given a ticket to choose a meal at an airport restaurant. We had delicious quiches and chocolate croissants and boarded our next flight, where we were fed, again. We thankfully had window/aisle seats with an arm rest that raised for that flight. It was easy and uneventful but it was pouring when we arrived in Singapore so we decided not to brave public transport quite yet. We took an airport shuttle and arrived in our first hotel, just outside of Chinatown.
I wanted to write more (thankfully, the airport story is not the highlight of the trip) but David is too hungry. Maybe we’ll brave the fish spa after breakfast and then I’ll try to write more. Also, photos won’t be added until after we return to the US.


One thought on “I’m back!

  1. Anonymous says:

    It is so good to hear from you, Tessa, and know that you arrived safely. What a wonderful adventure you and David have before you. We will pray for your safety and enjoyment.

    –Auntie N.


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